Zakłady Mięsne Janas
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The history of the company Janas dates back to 1993. Its first establishment was in Czarny Dunajec a villige in a beautiful region of Tatra Mountains. It was when the cofounders Urszula and Bogdan Janas open their first small goods shop. Innitialy, the offer was limited however highly appreciated by our clients due to a high qualtiy of products. The quality was a key to the company's success.

The success of the first shop was a reason to open a second selling point in 1994. This was when the distribution became the crucial part of the business. In the years that followed JANAS grew to open additional shops in Zakopane, Czarny Dunajec (the second shop), Nowy Targ, Jordanow, Mszana Dolna and Krakow as well another distribution point in Myślenice and Nowy Targ.

In 2009, JANAS expended operations into the production of its own pork and beef products. It has taken 20 years of steady growth for the small villige shop to emerge into its current prominence and to be known as trustworthy and modern campany. Today the company is complete with three distribution centres and supporting network of shops, employing a total of 200 valued employees.

Currently the company is managed by Urszula and Bogdan’s son, Jakub, who continues with the path taken by his parents.