Zakłady Mięsne Janas
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About production

The JANAS company has taken a vigilent approach into the development of it's production line treating each stage with nurture and attention to detail that has come together to make the consistently high quality products our brand is loved for. In 2005 we established the production of poultry. Four years later a separate pork and beef production facility was opened commencing the production of our own cold meat products.

Our offer consists of a wide range of high quality products, which have been appreciated by clients in Lesser Poland, Silesia, Podkarpacie as well as Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Achieving the best quality possible is our highest priority. Our secret lies in our careful selection of meats and spices, modern production processes assisted with computerised systems followed by best practice sanitary, veterinary and quality standards. And further the important role played by our highly skilled employees who are dedicated and devoted to delivering the best quality of products.

Our 20 years experience has allowed us to develop production using highly-developed Just-In-Time strategies, which in turn enable us to always offer only the freshest products.

The JANAS company collaborate the most modern production technologies with traditional recipes and processes. While scrupulously selected spices finish off a uniquely remarkable taste. In our smoked meats products, the quantity of raw meat most often exceeds the quantity of our competition's end product. We are proud to say that the quantity of raw meat in our sausages is amoung highest available on the market.

Our extended offer allows our clients to choose from products within a wide range of price and flavours. Additionally we offer customised products on individual request.

The JANAS’ products are made using the best class quality equipment, operated by trained and skilled staff and serviced on a regular bases. The steady temperature and moisture levels are controlled by modern cooling and ventilation systems. All of which allows us to maintain the high quality of our products. While specialist alarming systems are in place to ensure that unpredicted issues or problems are dealt with immediately. Water is a pivotal part of production.

Water is used mostly as a component of pickle and when cooling down the products. The water used comes from deep underground wells and is additionaly put through a high quality filtration system to ensure it's highest purity.

The company owns traditional and automatic smoking chambers. The traditional smoking chamber are equipped in innovative systems of leading off the smoke and electronic monitoring system. To give the special unique taste and golden colour of our smoked products only beech wood is used in the smoking chambers. On the other hand, our automatic smoking chambers generate the smoke automatically that enable us to maintain a highly consistent taste and product quality.

We follow the international standards and norms at all stages of production. The company has both IFS and BRC certificates re-issued each year. Nevertheless, our founder, Bogdan Janas believes that the most important and rewarding certificate is the trust and loyalty of our clients. It is this trust that is crucial to our ongoing success which is traditional to the management style now the second generation is in charge